Portland, OR


Fundamental Barista Training

2-Day Complete Workshop

The perfect workshop for an aspiring or beginner barista to solidify fundamentals and raise the bar.


“Fantastic information and instructors!” 


“This was so useful for training up new members of my team.”



*Max class size 10 persons. Group rates available. Call (503) 232-2222.

Upcoming Workshops

  • July 23-24, 2020
  • July 22-24, 2020

 $2149  $1999

What Our Classes Cover

Espresso Equipment Basics

What you’ll find behind a bar, how to set it up, and how to use it. 

Equipment cleaning, daily maintenance and care

Keep your coffee shop running smoothly with well maintained equipment.

Espresso, Step by Step

We’ll walk through what espresso is, how to identify a good shot, and how to start pulling them.

Steaming Milk

You’ll learn the intricacies of steaming velvety milk consistently.

Introduction to Latte Art

You may not walk away knowing how to pour a swan, but you should be able to add a heart and maybe a tulip to your repertoire. 

Manual Brewing Basics

Learn how to make french press and pour overs in a fast paced environment. 

Cold Brew

We’ll cover how to reach new markets with cold brew.


Coffee will always be your bread and butter, but that’s not to say you can’t serve tea too. We’ll cover some of the basics and how to find good tea.

Palette Development

Develop your palette with a cupping and learn the skills to practice tasking.

Customer Service

How to answer the most common questions you’ll hear (correctly)

Single-Origin Dial In

Develop a full understanding of how to dose your shot and what adjustments to make. 

Drink Building Practice

We close the day out with some free time to practice whatever you’d like to work on with our trainers standing by to offer tips and guidance. 

What Else is Included?

  • Unlimited coffee beverages and lunch provided
  • Includes a FREE 12 oz bag of coffee beans, courtesy of Water Avenue Coffee
  • All participants receive a certificate of completion

What Our Grads Say

"Not only super knowledgeable and experienced, the love for what they do and the people they serve is evident. My instructors didn’t just share their knowledge, they shared their passion and inspired us."
american barista and coffee workshops testimonials
Danny Tippit
"The American Barista & Coffee Workshops are an invaluable resource and worth every penny you will spend. This is because of their acute attention to detail and care of each trainee that comes through their lab is unparalleled in the coffee industry."
cold smoke coffee co
Caleb Walker
"I wanted to learn about the coffee business and have some hands-on experience to help me determine if I'd like to have a coffee business. I had sooooo much fun this week. The people who work here are all friendly, knowledgeable, inspired, and encouraging!"
kristen denny
Kristen Denney
Located in the center of

The best coffee city in America

Portland, Or

(503) 232-2222

In a 2,000 square foot espresso lab. 

With 9 different espresso machines.

1-on-1 attention by professional barista trainers. 

barista training portland

Take Your First Steps as a Coffee Professional

Designed for beginner baristas who want to practice the essentials. Develop your palette and technique with us.  


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The Definitive Guide on How to Open a Coffee Shop

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The Definitive Guide on How to Open a Coffee Shop

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