A Coffee Shop Business Plan

The most important step to launching your Coffee business

It’s time to start that coffee shop you’ve been dreaming about. You have the vision in your mind, and now you need to put it down on paper.

And that’s where most people get stuck. But not you.

Our business plan template is based on years of helping people open their own coffee shops, and it can help you too.

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Startup Bundle

Learn what is takes to operate a coffee shop with our online course and hone your business idea with a business plan. Talk the talk and walk the walk as you look for locations, hire staff, and open your dream shop. This bundle includes: 

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Overcome disorganization

You may have a clear vision, but making that vision clear to others isn’t so easy. The only way forward is to write it down.

Envision it, write it, then show it off.

"I spent HOURS researching business plans and attempting to write my own. I even considered taking a college course learning how to do one properly until I found this gem of a download. I didn't have to think twice. My coffee shop is on track, and I know I've got one less (big) thing to worry about. Thank you Bellissimo!
even keel
Martha Jensen
Madison, TN
"I was able to modify and complete my business plan within a few weeks of completing your workshop. My experience with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors has been extremely helpful and will allow me to kick start my business faster than I ever imagined."
jasmine baldwin
Jasmine Baldwin
Green Bay, WI

Skip the worst parts

When you know your business, writing it down isn’t so hard. But the formatting! Making sure it’s readable and you haven’t skipped over anything is incredibly tedious when all you want to do is move forward. 

We took care of the busywork for you.

Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” business plans

Our business plan template is the custom tailored suit of business plan templates. If you’re opening up some other retail business, look elsewhere. 

But if you want a coffee shop, this is for you.

"It's one thing to use a generic business plan template, but using one specifically made by coffee shop owners FOR coffee shop owners is another thing entirely. Made my life 100 times easier."
barista workshop
Paul Lacdao
Ann Arbor, MI
"The Cupertino Economic Development Manager was so impressed with my business plan and concept presentation that she told many people that the business plan was the best one they had ever seen!"
Janice Chua
Cupertino, CA

Show up prepared

A potential coffee shop owner without a business plan isn’t going to impress anyone. Property managers, business partners, even builders all need to see that you’ve got a real plan.

What You'll Find Inside

Executive Summary

  • The Big Picture
  • Mission Statement
  • Location and Growth
  • Think Local
  • Our Menu
  • Our Focus in Perfection
  • Legal Structure

Business Details

  • Our Ambiance
  • Caring About Our Community
  • A Focus on Technology
  • Our Staff
  • Hours of Operation
  • Goals in Our First Year
  • Our Keys to Success

Our Product

  • Quality Assurance
  • Flavor and Style
  • World-Class Roasted Coffees
  • Non-Coffee Beverages
  • Baked Goods
  • Food

Company Principles

  • Overview
  • About the Owner
  • Core Values

Staffing Strategy

  • Staffing Plan
  • Register/Point of Sale
  • The Barista
  • The Floater

Additional Expertise

  • Bellissimo Coffee Advisors
  • Bruce Milletto
  • Matt Milletto
  • Accounting and Legal

Target Market

  • Our Target Market
  • Local Residents/Commuters
  • Offices & Workers
  • Retail & Shopping

Marketing Techniques

  • Product Quality
  • Employees
  • Customer Service in Focus
  • Image and Publicity
  • Website and Social Media

Market Trend Analysis

  • Customer Profile
  • Trends
  • Market Breakdown
  • The Overall Market
  • Market Segments

What about financials?

Our presentation business plan does not include financials by design. Your specific financial projections are between you and your bank, and they must be carefully guarded. This business plan is your key to coming across as serious and competent without giving away too much.

If you are interested in financial projections as well, we will consult with you one-on-one to make sure all the numbers line up.

Developed & Templatized by Coffee Shop Professionals

Over the course of 30 years of coffee entrepreneurship, managing over 7 cafes, and starting a coffee and education business, we’ve learned a ton about the importance of having a professional and comprehensive business plan. We’ve worked with HR professionals and lawyers to craft this business plan template and have made it available at a much lower price to save other coffee shop entrepreneurs the hassle and trouble we’ve gone through to create it. With a one-time investment, you can save yourself many hours of labor and trouble of having to create a business plan from scratch. Simply purchase, download, and edit as needed. Or don’t, take our ideas straight as they are and you’re done in 5 minutes. 

bruce milletto
Bruce Milletto
matt milletto
Matt Milletto

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Essential Documents Bundle

You may not realize it now, but one of the keys to a successful coffee business is writing things down. This bundle gets you the three most important documents for opening and running your business. Clear up your concept, avoid legal battles, and ensure a great customer experience. You’ll get: 

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5 Lessons Before you Open a
Coffee Shop

Are you ready to open a coffee shop? We'll send you our ebook along with 5 of our best pieces of advice to help you prepare.

5 Lessons Before You Open A
Coffee Shop

Are you ready to open a coffee shop? We'll send you our ebook along with 5 of our best pieces of advice to help you prepare.