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Investing In Your Baristas: Hiring & Training A Great Team

For all of you shop owners and managers out there, it is important to understand the responsibilities of coffee shop hiring – ie. finding a great barista, a great supervisor, or manager to work in your operation. Your employees will be making all of your beverages and food items. You must hire people who share

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job interview at a coffee shop

Interview Questions for the Specialty Coffee Industry

Turnover in employees in the service industry can be quite high, but the right questions can help you find a good, lasting fit for your team. Whether you’re hiring for a leadership position or entry level, these interview questions will help make the hiring process go smoothly, quickly, and efficiently: Phone Screening Questions Are the

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Coffee Shop sign

So You’re Opening a Coffee Shop…

Start-Up Timeline and Checklist for a New Retail Coffee Business Starting a new business takes time, careful planning, and budgeting. Just figuring out where to begin can be a daunting task! We’ve put together a rough timeline for those looking to take their first steps in opening your specialty coffee shop: Coffee Workshops and barista

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Folklore Coffee

Andy Pollard

Folklore Coffee Conrad, MT In 2013 my wife and I had been living in Eastern Africa for 2 years and were preparing to come back to the states. For months we had been planning and dreaming about starting a coffee shop in one of our hometowns in rural Montana. I had worked in coffee growing

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Hub Coffee Co.

Mark and Joey Trujillo

The Hub Coffee Co. Reno, NV Our most recent addition to Reno’s independent scene is a new coffee cart in the Nevada Discover Museum, located in downtown Reno. This new location (albeit tiny), along with our foray into coffee roasting, is in our opinion a testament to the rewards to be had after a tireless

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Janice Chua

Bitter + Sweet Cupertino, CA Bitter + Sweet was also featured on the cover of Specialty Coffee Retailer Magazine, December 2011 In its first 7 months of business Bitter+Sweet has received over 150 Yelp Reviews with a 4.5 star average Bitter+Sweet was launched in July 2011 by Janice Chua with the mission of serving the

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press coffee roasters

Steve Kraus

Press Coffee Phoenix, AZ Best of the Valley: Best Cup of Coffee – 2 yrs in a row  Our concept is a marriage of everything we are passionate about- coffee, food, and wine.  We often get asked how we came up with the name Press.  It was easy — Coffee French Press, Panini Press, Wine

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handlebar coffee

Aaron Olsen & Kim Anderson

Handlebar Coffee Roasters Santa Barbara, CA Best thing we could have ever done for the business was to attend their week long workshop to have a better understanding of all that goes into great coffee, how to prepare it, serve it and for that and everything else Bellissimo has done for us, we are truly grateful.

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viva espresso

Federico & Lily Bolaños

Viva Espresso! San Salvador, El Salvador World Barista Champion – Alejandro Mendez We highly recommend anyone seriously interested in becoming a professional barista or opening a coffee bar or roastery to Attend a workshop with Bellissimo…It will be without a doubt your best investment. Our journey in specialty coffee started at Bellissimo Coffee Advisors in

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cafe buunni

Sarina Prabasi & Elias Gurmu

Cafe Buunni New York, NY Sarina & Elias worked closely with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors in the planning and development stages and assisted in the menu, design and layout, equipment, and other areas to bring Cafe Buunni to fruition. Elias attended the American Barista & Coffee Workshops as well, and we are very excited for them

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even keel coffee

Jennifer Jenkins

Even Keel Coffee Company Portland, OR I had no idea my love for coffee would translate to owning my own coffee bar.  Being an architect for the last 20 years, married and raising two young boys in Portland, I began looking for my next chapter in late summer 2016.  I grew up around small business,

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cold smoke coffee

Caleb Walker

Cold Smoke Coffee Bozeman, MT In July of 2011 we sat out to open a coffeehouse that defied the “normalities” of what can be accomplished in the coffee industry. One of our biggest challenges was the fact that we actually knew nothing about coffee….cue the American Barista & Coffee Workshops. We decided to invest time

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The Definitive Guide on How to Open a Coffee Shop

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