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Free and Low Cost Marketing For Coffee Shops

So you want to open a coffee shop but money is tight. How can you get your name out there without spending a lot? Luckily, there are a lot of platforms and methods for coffee shops to advertise freely or very cheaply. Before you start advertising though, you should have at least a rough idea

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Small Coffee Business Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Stop clicking the boost button! Never, ever click this blue button again. This button may as well say, “Just take my money”.  If you’ve clicked this button, it’s okay. Don’t blame yourself. Facebook makes it sound appealing on purpose. “Just click this little button, pay a few bucks, and your post will be seen by

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SEO for Local Business

If you’re thinking about opening a local business or already in operating, you may have heard that you should care about SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a positively WILD amount of information, misinformation, and straight-up snake oil out there about what it is and how to do it. Even worse, most of the information

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large coffee roaster roasting coffee beans

5 Factors When You Are Roasting Coffee

5 Factors When You Are Roasting Coffee Green coffee beans are roasted, so that they are transformed into actual coffee products. The roasting process is responsible for the differences in taste and aroma, allowing one to enjoy a wide range of flavors (earthy, sweet, and floral). Both the style of roasting and the degree to

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coffee shop store sign title

Effective Coffee Shop Signage

The goal of signs are to get people’s attention and to create enough intrigue to want to buy something. Great signs are usually bright, colorful, use large font, and are very easy to read. We usually only think about signs that are on the outside of buildings that get people into stores, but store signs

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How to open a coffee shop

How to Open A Coffee Shop

If you’re looking for the definitive guide to opening a coffee shop in 2020, this is it. Our business is built entirely on the foundation of “Helping People Succeed in Specialty Coffee”. In short, this is what we do. We help people open coffee shops, and help people who own coffee shops run them to

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Coffee Business Grand Opening Title

Coffee Shop Opening Day

It’s the day you’ve been planning for months, maybe years. A day of definite mixed emotions: excitement but also (likely) fear of knowing this is the beginning of something really big for you and your business. Your project is no longer in the dreaming and planning stages; it’s the real deal, the big leagues. Now

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choosing coffee for your cafe title image

Choosing Coffee Beans for Your Cafe

When you start with better beans, you’re one step closer to serving the best coffee around. What’s a specialty coffee business without genuine, quality coffee? Choosing your coffee is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your journey towards opening a coffee business. Knowing this, don’t rush the process! Taste as many coffees

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coffee shop goals title

Setting Coffee Shop Goals

Attainable and measurable goals are everything both in life and business: without them you can’t truly track your progress or success. A lot of people’s goal going into business is to make money and, yes, that’s fair enough. But the best way to actually achieve this kind of massive goal is to plan out a

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what is visual merchandising title

Visual Merchandising in Coffee Shops

Visual merchandising is constantly being aware of how your store and displays affect sales. Let’s think of this concept compared to advertising. Advertising is what you do outside of your business to attract customers. Once these customers are in your shop, this is where merchandising comes into play; it’s the metaphorical closer for your products.

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Best Coffee Shop Location title

How to Find the Best Location for a Coffee Shop

Location is imperative in the specialty coffee business. More often than not, people don’t like to travel very far to get their coffee fix. This means that if you’re trying to find the best location for your coffee business, you’ve got a lot of things to consider. Finding that sweet spot of a great location

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coffee shop profit title

10 Steps to Coffee Shop Profitability

The biggest hurdle for any new coffee shop: how to make money in coffee. Once your coffee business is up and running, making a profit doesn’t happen on its own. Yes, your product should be able to speak for itself, but is your potential income fully under your control? To be profitable, you need to

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The Definitive Guide on How to Open a Coffee Shop

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The Definitive Guide on How to Open a Coffee Shop

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