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Is your specialty coffee business feeling a little stale? Are you not growing as fast as you anticipated? Bellissimo Coffee Advisors can help. Our business consulting team offers everything you need to optimize your existing operation and get it running smoothly.

Coffee Shop Consulting

Simply put, I could not have opened my coffee shop without the help and support I received from Bellissimo.

Dan Robinson, The Western Coffee Bar
Fort Collins, CO

How we can help you

Concept Development and Startup Planning

We're ready to work with you from step one to help refine and plan your business. We have helped everyone from serial entrepreneurs opening multiple locations at once to mom and pop duos opening a small coffee cart. Come to us when you want to make sure to avoid any pitfalls in the coffee industry.

Virtual Strategy and training Sessions

Meet with your company's executive and planning committees to develop new strategies or refine old ones.

In Depth Equipment Recommendations

Our trainers and technicians are ready to provide you with cutting edge equipment recommendations tailored to your coffee shop. We are also often able to secure discounts for our clients.

Professional Barista Training

Are you looking to increase the skills or your baristas and management team? We can arrange custom sessions in our lab or on-site training to work with your staff on the technical skills needed to produce high-quality espresso beverages.

Marketing and Social Media Planning

We'll help you create a plan and style guide unique to your shop that will take the guesswork out of growth. Gain new customers and retain your regulars.

Store Evaluation and Optimization

This is the perfect service for when you need to review your business and format a plan for increased profitability and productivity.  We will customize our service to fit your concerns, which may be some of the following: Menu • Pricing • Monthly sales • Profit and Loss Statements • Labor and Employee Scheduling • Inventory • Purchases and Ordering Systems • Rent Factor • Hard Expenses • Marketing Strategies • Promotions • Sales Growth

We're here to help you succeed in coffee.

As part of your customized consulting package, we can review your financials, marketing, sales efforts and menu, then provide a thorough evaluation of how to improve your business. Our team of coffee experts is always available to provide additional support in the areas where you have the greatest need. Want someone on-site? We’re there. Need help training your current and future employees? We can do that. Looking for a roadmap to long-term profitability? We can point you in the right direction.

From beverage cost and labor management to sales analysis and inventory management, our experts will offer guidance and direction to fine-tune your specialty coffee business.  

Don’t let your business falter when it needs you the most. Let our experts clear your path to coffee success. 


The cost of engaging Bellissimo and bringing them to Singapore was insignificant compared to what we gained. I cannot put a dollar value on the service we received from Bellissimo, and I will always be thankful that I brought Bellissimo to Singapore for the opening of my cafe.

Burso Tan, Ragtime Cafe

After looking over the available consultants, I decided to hire Bellissimo to help me with the many facets of opening my business. One of the best things we did was to have Bellissimo come to Webster to train our staff. Because of Bellissimo, we were much better prepared and our staff knew what they were doing before we even opened the doors.

Chuck Durand, Earthtones Coffee House
Webster, NY

Three Cheers for Bellissimo! If it wasn’t for the advice, education and training, Sipp’ss would still be a dream. Bellissimo has greatly helped my dream become a reality.

Sheila Watson, Sipp’ss
Fort Washington, MD

With absolutely no knowledge of the coffee business, contacting Bellissimo was the best decision we ever made. Their knowledge of the business, and friendly, yet professional attitude, has helped our coffee bar be the success that it is today. Their consultant was a God send to our business!

Debbie and Stephen Cash, Coffee Haven
Raleigh, NC

Bellissimo’s experience in both the restaurant and coffee industries combined with their objectivity and candor, was invaluable in opening our coffeehouse-café. We would suggest Bellissimo consulting for anyone desiring a “well check” or needing expert help getting to the next level.

Christopher & Veronica Lord, Beyond the Brim
Owensboro, KY

Bruce knows coffee, the coffee business, and the coffee industry. He has put together a successful coaching system to communicate and transfer incredible amounts of knowledge to his clients in a very effective way. Without a doubt he will save you both time and money, but more importantly he is a driving force to make sure that all the pieces are in place, so our business has a chance to succeed.

Kaz Oveissi
Eugene, OR

About one year ago, my husband and I decided to start a business of our own. We began researching several industries, including retail clothing, self-serve laundry, and finally, (thankfully), retail coffee.

The coffee industry excited and impressed us. We became like sponges, soaking in every bit of coffee-related information available. We learned quickly that coffee is a science as well as an art. Thus enter Bellissimo. Although Bellissimo received the highest recommendations from the Specialty Coffee Association of America and other leaders in the industry, I was still skeptical. I thought the money they required could be put to better use elsewhere. I could not imagine we could get truthful, insightful and caring pieces of advice. Well, I was wrong. From day one, Bruce Milletto took the time to get to know us and our individual needs. Ed Arvidson, our consultant, consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. Like a mentor, he taught and guided us, never acting like a "yes man," always shooting straight from personal experience and 25 years in the industry. We are so thankful to be associated with Bellissimo. They are a tremendous firm.

Joanna Wemple
Corona del Mar, CA

Calling Bellissimo prior to opening my business was the best decision I have ever made! Your consulting services have proven to be one of my most valuable business assets. I appreciate the time Bellissimo spent with us, considering the short notice you were given. Since I opened, I have heard nothing but raves about my espresso, espresso-based drinks and customer service. My people were ready when we opened the doors on day one! I look forward to taking advantage of additional services Bellissimo has to offer.

If I had known about Bellissimo earlier in my planning phases, I could have saved myself a great deal of time and money, not to mention headaches. There was no need for me to re-invent the wheel or stumble to learn everything on my own (alone). The expertise I needed was just a phone call away. Prior to any expansion, Bellissimo will be the first phone call I make. I appreciate everything you have done for me.

Willie Knapek
St. Pete Beach, FL

We are thoroughly delighted with Bellissimo's consulting services. We are constantly being told by everyone in Rock Hill that the Rock Hill Roasting Co. is one of the best things to happen to the city in a very long time. We are complemented on the atmosphere, quality of our food and beverages, the high level of customer service, as well as the image we project. We could not have done it without Bellissimo. Your consultation, training and experience in the industry put us on the shoulders of giants. We feel very blessed to have had the good fortune to meet you three years ago and start a relationship that led to this moment.

Suzie and Tom Jebo, Rock Hill Roasting Company
Rock Hill, SC

Bellissimo is the most outstanding consulting company in the specialty coffee industry. The knowledge and support they provide to existing coffee businesses and start-ups is unmatched by any other consultant in the industry. No matter what stage your business is in, Bellissimo has the expertise to assist you.

I have worked with the entire Bellissimo staff and found everyone professional and competent. I am very happy with the help I received from each and every one of them.

My staff and I thank Bruce Milletto for creating and maintaining Bellissimo Coffee, a company like no other in the specialty coffee industry. Many thanks to Ed Arvidson for guiding, teaching, and making our life so easy during our start-up phase. We also want to thank James Cloutier for supplying a "gear" vision for The Coffee Factory logo. Last, but not least, we would like to thank Kris Larson and Mia Adams for writing a very professional business plan, one that made us look very competitive in the coffee business market.

Dr. Tom Nguyen
Los Angeles, CA

Bellissimo has the vision, expertise and experience to identify a viable location. They saved me thousands of dollars. I think they're the greatest.

Cindy Ludwick, OH

We really enjoyed working with Bruce Milletto and the Bellissimo staff. Bruce is a gifted consultant, with vast knowledge in all aspects of coffee business startup and opening. Bruce is also very creative. He developed several specialty drinks and a line of panini sandwiches for our operation and designed parts of the interior décor. We at New York Coffee Company highly commend Bruce and the rest of the Bellissimo crew to anyone.

Doug Boys

Thank you for all your effort and exhibition of creativity in assembling our business plan and bar design. Without this plan I don't believe we would have had a chance for our location.

John Shane
Richmond, VA

Using their expertise in the coffee industry, they [Bellissimo] saved us thousands on our equipment purchases by directing us to the best companies to do business with.

Brian Johnson
Denver, CO

Bellissimo saved me from making a lot of mistakes when I opened my first coffee bar. They helped me in all aspects of getting open, from store design and menu preparation to equipment procurement and training my staff. I couldn't have done it without them. Bellissimo is truly the leading expert of coffee business management.

Tom Elliott, Java Junkies
Virginia Beach, VA

Bellissimo gives 110% as business consultants! They each possess an extensive background in assisting others in opening and operating successful coffee establishments. Their passion for coffee and product knowledge is reflected by their tremendous support to their clients.

Ruth Wong
Maui, HI

Driven By Experience

We are the longest running specialty coffee consulting business in the world. Bruce Milletto and Matt Milletto are two of the industry's foremost experts and have helped hundreds of cafes open their doors. We also operate Water Avenue Coffee, a highly successful cafe and roastery, so you know we're not telling you anything we haven't done ourselves.

Full Stack Service

We offer resources for every single step in the cafe opening process. Whether you're a complete novice or a seasoned professional, we have a way to make your life easier.

Personalized to you

No two cafes are the same. Every one faces unique challenges, and we approach every consult with an open mind and an eye for you specific needs. We'll do everything we can to make sure your dream comes true.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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5 Lessons Before you Open a
Coffee Shop

Are you ready to open a coffee shop? We'll send you our ebook along with 5 of our best pieces of advice to help you prepare.

5 Lessons Before You Open A
Coffee Shop

Are you ready to open a coffee shop? We'll send you our ebook along with 5 of our best pieces of advice to help you prepare.