Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Santa Barbara, CA

The best thing we could have ever done for the business was to attend their week long workshop.  To have a better understanding of all that goes into great coffee, how to prepare it, serve it.  And for that, and everything else Bellissimo has done for us, we are truly grateful.

Handlebar coffee roasters has hit the ground running since it’s opening Nov. 1st, 2011.  We owe a lot of our success so far to everyone whom has helped us out at Bellissimo Coffee Advisors.  Kim and I attended the October 2010 barista training class and coincidentally opened handlebar Nov 1st, 2011 (more or less 1 year later).

Both of us were professional cyclists, Kim having won the Women’s Tour de Feminine (Tour de France for women) in 2009 and myself riding 2 times in the Tour of Italy. We have passion for great coffee and spent the past couple years searching Europe, the SF Bay area and Portland for interior design ideas.

Spending 3 1/2 months doing most of the work ourselves, using reclaimed wood, of which our countertops came from.  The 2×6 studs that we saved from tearing down the wall, now has all the windows to the exterior patio seating. We are on a great little locals corner, a well-established spot in Santa Barbara, with businesses of 25 and 30 years respectfully surrounding us. Our location is in a densely-populated business district and has residential apartments above our store front.

We roast on a Probat L12, use a La Marzocco FB-80 3 group machine, have Robur E grinders, and the Mahlkonig Guatemala grinder.

Best put, Bellissimo Coffee Advisors helped us gain a better understand of specialty coffee.  We already had the passion and drive to do our best, but Bellissimo helped give us the basic tools, knowledge and understanding of how to put it all together. Without Bellissimo, we wouldn’t have had the skill-set to be ready for all that happens when the doors are open. Every day is learning for us, and that is a good thing.