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Join Bellissimo Coffee Advisors for the American Barista and Coffee Workshops in Portland, OR

2-Day Professional Barista Skills Workshop


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Personal training with experts

No experience needed. We don’t judge, we’re just here to help you wherever you’re at. When you leave our space you’ll have the knowledge and methods to jump behind a coffee bar professionally.

Never Worry About a Recipe Again

Walk out knowing exactly how to pull an amazing shot of espresso and make a perfect cappuccino, latte, mocha, and anything else you’ll need for your coffee shop.

Expert Barista Training

We provide the ultimate primer to making coffee professionally for a fraction of the price of our competitors. Learn everything you’ll need to make drinks behind your coffee bar and train baristas to do the same.

Develop your Palate

It’s not enough to think you’re making great coffee, you have to know. That’s why we focus on developing palates as we practice, so you can truly taste specialty coffee.

Equipment Recommendations and Exclusive Discounts

Take the opportunity to practice on a wide variety of espresso machines, grinders, and other equipment in our coffee lab. Our expert technicians provide detailed advice for your individual needs. Plus, our long standing relationships within the industry translate to discounts for you.

Find your personal fit

Bellissimo offers a wide variety of machines and equipment to try so you can find your favorites. Don’t get stuck with a hugely expensive machine you won’t love.

Day 1

Module 7

Coffee Introduction

Day 2 starts by examining the theory behind brewing coffee and various techniques we’ll use throughout the next modules.

Module 7
Module 8

Coffee Cupping

We’ll make sure everyone is energized for the day with a cupping to start developing our palettes.

Module 8
Module 9

Equipment Overview

Our trainers will walk you through essential coffee shop equipment as well as various brands and options, and how everything works. 

Module 9


Lunch from our very own Water Avenue Coffee. 

Module 10

Espresso, Step by Step

Let’s get pulling! Learn how to pull a great shot of espresso and how to adjust things when your shot doesn’t taste so great.

Module 10
Module 11

Espresso Practice

You’ll have ample time to practice pulling and tasting espresso with the expert guidance of our trainers. 

Module 11
Module 12

Cleaning and Maintenance

End the day with an overview of espresso machine cleaning and maintenance. A well kept machine can last a decade or more, but a poorly kept machine will cost you thousands. 

Module 12

Day 2

Module 13

Steaming Milk

Time to learn how to create smooth milk with just the right amount of foam. 

Module 13
Module 14

Latte Art Essentials

Apply your milk knowledge and start drawing latte art. You’ll walk away with the basics down and practice exercises to develop even more.

Module 14
Module 15

Espresso & Milk Practice

More time to practice, but now you’ll be making complete drinks. We’ll practice getting faster while maintaining quality.

Module 15


You know the drill by now.

Module 16

Batch and Manual Brewing Basics

Our trainers will cover how efficiently batch brew coffee and how to use some of the more popular manual brewing methods you may want to offer.

Module 16
Module 17

Cold Brew, Teas, and Other Coffee Shop Drink Options

We’ll talk about some of the other drinks you may want to put on your menu. How to make them or source them, how to store them, and how to serve them. 

Module 17
Module 18

Final Q&A and Presentation of Certificates

Our last big Q&A session to cover anything we went over for the entire workshop. As we wrap up, we’ll hand out certificates to all attendees stating that you completed the American Barista and Coffee Workshops.

Module 18

Not just learning. Understanding.

Not only will you come away from our workshops knowing how to make great coffee, you’ll understand why what you’re doing is making great coffee. Understand all the variables of brewing and how to manipulate them for a perfect drink.

Still wondering if our workshops are right for you?

What our barista workshop attendees have to say

Even with zero experience making coffee or running a coffee business, you will leave our workshop ready to compete in the industry. You are the painter, we provide the brushes.

We owe much of our success to Bellissimo's knowledge and professionalism. We attended their Barista training course just 4 weeks prior to opening our doors. This was a great help in developing consistent, quality drinks from day one.
Joel & Peggy Gargaro
Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, MT
The workshop introduced us to the graceful “dance of the barista”, instructing us in careful technique and instilling in us a proper understanding of the various aspects of working in the coffee industry. The ABC Workshop gave us all the necessary tools to craft tasty coffee beverages in a traditional manner, while still promoting the artisanal, progressive edge inherent in the emerging “third wave” coffee culture.
Mark and Joey Trujillo
The Hub Coffee Co, NV
The knowledge that we gained at Bellissimo inspired us to aim for the highest levels of coffee excellence, so we decided to train our staff to compete at barista championships. Our baristas won 7 consecutive national barista championships (from 2008 to 2014). Then, at the World Barista Championship they took top honors winning 1st place in 2011, reaching Finals twice (2013 and 2014) and the Semifinals 2 times as well (2010 and 2012).
Frederico Bolanos
Viva Espresso, El Salvador
I had a eureka moment when I tasted the espresso that was pulled perfectly, "so, that's what espresso is supposed to taste like!" With a ton of hands-on practice time at the school, I was able to gain enough confidence to prepare espresso drinks on my own. And to think that I had ZERO coffee experience when I stepped into the ABC Workshop. Now, at my own shop, my staff knows that I am the one who can dial in great shots.
Janice Chua
Bitter + Sweet, CA

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Your relationship with us doesn’t have to end with our workshops. We offer all our attendees unmatched discounts on our digital products and tools to catapult you even farther ahead.

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