Roasting Workshop: August 22, 2020

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August 22 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

A 1-day (7 hour) workshop including instruction, theory, and hands-on training to learn to be a successful and operational coffee roaster.

This workshop’s aim is to give you a broad look at coffee processing, from farm to roastery, with a special attention to roasting.

Topics include:

  • Coffee Origin Cupping:
    • An Introductory cupping based on four different origins, highlighting how we talk and think about coffee from around the globe.
  • The Coffee Seed: History, Agronomy, Processing and Transportation
    • An examination of the coffee plant and its many variations, the determinates of growing coffee, milling practices, and a brief look at how coffee is transported.
  • Roasting Science: The Roast Curve and Chemical Reactions in Roasting
    • A breakdown of how we as roasters manipulate time and temperature. An overview of some of the chemical reactions behind these decisions: dry distillation, maillard reactions, caramelization,  and their by-products.
  • Roast Profile Cupping:
    • A cupping of four different roast profiles that expands on our discussion of roasting profiles, and provides a greater understanding of the role roast plays in the final product.
  • Roasting Equipment: Roaster Mechanics, Roaster Types, Roaster Safety
    • A look at the basic anatomy of a roaster, fluid dynamics and heat transfer, the pros vs. cons of different type and make roasters, and how to protect ourselves against and react to roaster fires/hazards.
  • Roast!
    • With the roaster’s guidance, using the tools we’ve learned, we’ll walk through a production batch together.


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