Employee Handbook Template


This comprehensive employee handbook template is designed specifically for retail coffee businesses. Created and refined by experts in both retail coffee and human resources, this handbook template is perfect for your retail coffee operation. Delivered as a templatized document, our handbook is fully customizable to fit your unique needs.

PLEASE NOTE: All documents within the Employee Handbook are meant to serve as templates. These documents are not meant to serve as finished products. We encourage you to thoroughly read through each document and edit them to fit within your company’s guidelines and values.


TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                             


We Support Each Other

Changes in Policy

Employment Applications

Employment Relationship

Definition of Team Member and Status

Team Member Defined

Team Member Status

Standards of Conduct

Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace

Team Member Representation

Substance Abuse

Social Media

Internet and Cell Phone Use

Team Member Communications

Staff Meetings

Updates and Information

Open Door Policy

Employment Policies

Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information

Outside Employment

New Team Member Orientation

Introductory Period for New Team Member

Hours of Operation and Work Schedules

Punctuality and Attendance

Breaks and Meals

Personnel Files

Personnel Data Changes

Eligibility to Work Compliance

Authorization to Work Permits

Performance Review and Planning Sessions

Corrective Action

Employment Termination


Health of Team Members

Team Member Requiring Medical Attention

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings

Building Security

Expenditures and Expense Reimbursement


Company Telephone Use

Tobacco Use and Smoking

Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

Wage and Salary Policies

Wage and Salary Increases




Benefits and Services


Civic Responsibility


Workplace Accident Coverage

Health Insurance

Team Member Discounts

Signature Page