Roasting Workshop: February 22, 2020

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February 22 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

A 1-day (7 hour) workshop including instruction, theory, and hands-on training to learn to be a successful and operational coffee roaster.

This workshop’s aim is to give you a broad look at coffee processing, from farm to roastery, with a special attention to roasting.

Topics include:

  • Coffee Origin Cupping:
    • An Introductory cupping based on four different origins, highlighting how we talk and think about coffee from around the globe.
  • The Coffee Seed: History, Agronomy, Processing and Transportation
    • An examination of the coffee plant and its many variations, the determinates of growing coffee, milling practices, and a brief look at how coffee is transported.
  • Roasting Science: The Roast Curve and Chemical Reactions in Roasting
    • A breakdown of how we as roasters manipulate time and temperature. An overview of some of the chemical reactions behind these decisions: dry distillation, maillard reactions, caramelization,  and their by-products.
  • Roast Profile Cupping:
    • A cupping of four different roast profiles that expands on our discussion of roasting profiles, and provides a greater understanding of the role roast plays in the final product.
  • Roasting Equipment: Roaster Mechanics, Roaster Types, Roaster Safety
    • A look at the basic anatomy of a roaster, fluid dynamics and heat transfer, the pros vs. cons of different type and make roasters, and how to protect ourselves against and react to roaster fires/hazards.
  • Roast!
    • With the roaster’s guidance, using the tools we’ve learned, we’ll walk through a production batch together.


Cost of Workshop includes lunch courtesy of Bellissimo, a binder with workshop materials, and a USB drive packed with resources.

Additional discounts may apply for groups of 2 or more.

All attendees receive special discounts on Bellissimo educational books and DVDs and discounts on lodging at Portland’s finest hotels.

In addition, attendees receive exclusive access to Bellissimo Coffee Advisors Consulting Services.

Please review our Terms of Agreement before registering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we 100% recommend all 5 days, no, you do not. We understand everybody has different needs and as such, you can break our classes down by Business, Barista, Advanced Barista or Roasting segments independently. The only requirement is that the Advanced Barista Class can not be taken without completion of the Barista Basics Workshop first. 

If you are bringing more than one person, discounts may apply. Generally, the more attending the bigger the discount. If you believe you may have a good reason for receiving a discount, we encourage you to contact us and briefly mention what you would need to get the price down to in order to make it work for you. 

Yes! Upon completion of our 6 day workshop, all participants are awarded with an American Barista and Coffee Workshops diploma signed by our company’s Director of Training. We are a well established and respected company, where this certificate will be recognized by most manufacturers and brands in the coffee industry as a vote of confidence in your skills. 

Yes. In addition to all the (A+ quality) coffee and espresso you can drink, we provide both breakfast and lunch for all of our students each day. When registering, please inform us of any dietary restrictions. 


Yes, actually! We have negotiated a partnership with several downtown Portland hotels that are all within walking distance of our training facility. Check out our hotels page for more information. 

On top of being the FIRST and longest-lasting coffee educational facility in the world, with a staff of some of the best in the business and acknowledged by Barista Magazine, Roast Magazine, etc. We are thriving in perhaps the most competitive market possible, right in the epicenter of specialty coffee, Portland, Oregon. We operate one of the most successful brands in the Pacific Northwest and “walk the walk” (so to speak). We do not know any competitor with nearly the track record of actually running a successful coffee operation as ourselves, in addition to having taught literally thousands others to find success in their own right. 

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Additional Discounts May Apply

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