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After over a year of filming, Bellissimo has brought together in one DVD some of the best baristas in not only the United States, but in the world. In this approximately 45-minute training and educational DVD, each barista shares his or her techniques and philosophy of coffee and espresso, as well as what it takes to be a champion.

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This training DVD is the first in which regional, national and world barista champions share their passion one-on-one with the coffee world. Featuring 2006 World Barista Champion (WBC) Klaus Thomsen and three former US Barista Champions (USBC): Matt Riddle, Bronwen Serna and Phuong Tran. Northwest US Barista Champions Kyle Larson and Billy Wilson are also included, along with Cup of Excellence judge Stephen Vick, who is featured in a special cupping section. Making appearances are long-time barista competition judges Sarah Allen, editor of Barista Magazine, and Brent Fortune, owner of Crema Bakery and Café of Portland, Oregon.

Topics include:

  • Passion and Dedication
  • Advanced Preparation Techniques: Grinding, Tamping, Dosing, Distribution, Tips and Techniques
  • Latte Art: Advanced Espresso Extraction and Milk Steaming
  • Barista Competitions and the Global Barista Community
  • Consumer Education, Social Issues and Sustainability
  • Coffee Cupping in Your Coffee Bar

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