World Barista Competition 2007: Tokyo


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Winner Bronze Award 2008 Worldfest-Houston! The Heart + Mind of the WBC.

In a joint venture with the World Barista Championship (WBC), Bellissimo has created a two-DVD set documenting the 8th Annual World Barista Championship (WBC) held in Tokyo, Japan July 31 to August 2, 2007. This DVD set is the first of its kind produced in the eight-year history of the WBC, and uniquely captures both the heart and mind of the exciting 2007 championship event.

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The first DVD is a 50-minute overview of the WBC event that captures the heart of the competition. This documentary-style DVD includes interviews, local color shots and footage of many of the competitors in action. This DVD documents the full WBC experience and allows viewers to see and feel the excitement generated by this competition as well as to hear from the participants, attendees and coffee professionals from all over the world.

The second free bonus 100-minute DVD is a training tool that features the performances of the six finalists in their entirety. This DVD is perfect for baristas who dream about competing or bettering their skills and want to analyze every move these champions make.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of laws governing the use of copyrighted music, the background music used by each of the six finalists in their presentations on the free bonus disc 2 had to be deleted. The high cost of licensing the background music (hundreds and thousands of dollars) was a financial impossibility for Bellissimo and the WBC, and the time it would have taken to negotiate such an agreement (12-18 months) would not have allowed us to produce this DVD and make it available to the coffee community in a timely manner.

As a result of deleting the background music, the narratives of the six finalists were also deleted and replaced with a sound track of ambient music owned by the production company that edited the film. Unfortunately, it was impossible to edit out the background music and leave the speech of the finalists intact. Both the WBC and Bellissimo wish we could have legally included the natural sound in the free bonus Disc 2, but this was simply not possible. We hope that watching each and every move the baristas make, filmed by multiple cameras, will be a great learning experience, even without the narratives.

Free Bonus DVD disc 2 features the six WBC finalists:

Anna Kaeppeli — Switzerland
Silvia Magalhaes — Brazil
Heather Perry — United States
Carl Sara — New Zealand
James Hoffmann — United Kingdom
Miyuki Miyamae — Japan

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