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"The best investment of a couple hundred bucks I've ever spent. I was a manager of another cafe years ago, and it took me weeks to finish our employee manual (and even then, it wasn't very good). The Bellissimo team really came through with this one."
Anthony Bianco
John Mayweather
Missoula, Montanta

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Employee Handbook Template

This comprehensive employee handbook template is designed specifically for retail coffee businesses. Created and refined by experts in both retail coffee and human resources, this handbook template is perfect for your retail coffee operation. Delivered as a templatized document, our handbook is fully customizable to fit your unique needs.

Make life easier for your manager, create standardized rules and policies to adhere by. Remember, your customers need consistency. How can you delivery consistency without a handbook to hold people accountable to? 


Employee Handbook
Presentation Business Plan

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Coffee Shop Business plan

This clear and comprehensive business plan includes an executive summary, a detailed description of the business, individual product descriptions, location analysis, company principles, additional expertise, target market analysis, related competition, marketing techniques, and menu specifications. This fully editable and customizable presentation business plan template comes with step-by-step instructions so that you can alter it to fit your business’ needs! Rest easy that you haven’t forgotten to consider anything that a coffee business needs. 


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Operations Manual

Our retail operations manual template is designed specifically for retail coffee businesses. Includes new employee training checklists, open and closing shift checklists, standard beverage guide, protocols for cleaning and maintaining machinery, and more! 

Delivered as a templatized document, our ops manual is fully customizable to fit your unique needs.

Limited Time Price: $250 $199

Operations Manual

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Bundle all 3 downloads to take 10% off. 

Give your coffee shop the best chance for success. 

Presentation Business Plan


Employee Handbook


Operations Manual


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"I had no idea my love for coffee would translate to owning my own coffee bar."
even keel
Jennifer Jenkins
Even Keel Coffee Company, Portland, OR