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american barista and coffee workshops testimonials

Not only super knowledgeable and experienced, the love for what they do and the people they serve is evident. My instructors didn’t just share their knowledge, they shared their passion and inspired us, the students, to understand and embrace that same passion.

After a three day roasting intensive and a five day barista and business course, I left emotionally and mentally tired, but on fire to get back and get our shop open.​

Danny Tippit, Dry Bones Mud House

Rock Creek Coffee Roasters opened its doors in August 2004 and we owe much of our success to Bellissimo's knowledge and professionalism. We attended their week-long Barista training course just 4 weeks prior to opening our doors. This was a great help in developing consistent, quality drinks from day one.

Joel & Peggy Gargaro, Rock Creek Coffee Roasters
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Viva Espresso

The knowledge that we gained at Bellissimo inspired us to aim for the highest levels of coffee excellence, so we decided to train our staff to compete at barista championships. Our baristas won 7 consecutive national barista championships (from 2008 to 2014). Then, at the World Barista Championship they took top honors winning 1st place in 2011, reaching Finals twice (2013 and 2014) and the Semifinals 2 times as well (2010 and 2012).

Frederico Bolanos, Viva Espresso

We decided to invest time and resources into the best training we could find across the country and all due to the training from Bellissimo Coffee Advisors. Without them, our coffee dreams would have never come true. We now have a thriving retail store AND roastery and have revisited Bellissimo several additional times for training and collaboration and are finally preparing to open our second location. The American Barista & Coffee Workshops are an invaluable resource and worth every penny you will spend. This is because of their acute attention to detail and care of each trainee that comes through their lab is unparalleled in the coffee industry.​

Caleb Walker, Cold Smoke Coffee
cold smoke coffee co

"The workshop increased my confidence in successfully owning a coffee shop"

Marcel Flores, Jalisco, MX

Bellissimo helped us gain a better understand of specialty coffee. We already had the passion and drive to do our best, but Bellissimo helped give us the basic tools, knowledge and understanding of how to put it all together. Without Bellissimo, we wouldn’t have had the skill-set to be ready for all that happens when the doors are open. Every day is learning for us, and that is a good thing.

Aaron Olsen and Kim Anderson, Handlebar Coffee Roasters

I wanted to learn about the coffee business and have some hands-on experience to help me determine if I'd like to have a coffee business. I had sooooo much fun this week. The people who work here are all friendly, knowledgeable, inspired, and encouraging!

Kristen Denney
kristen denny
audie clairmont

The teachers were fabulous, they taught with such passion about coffee and what it takes to succeed, and to keep learning to be the best you can be as a barista and business owner.
The school taught me a lot about that it’s not just being a barista, but it’s about serving the people and the community in such a way that they don’t forget the experience they had with their coffee.

Audie Clairmont, Clairmont's Coffee

I had a really great time last week and learned SO MUCH in such a short amount of time. I definitely feel more confident and prepared to take on my own coffee shop in the near future thanks to you guys!

Ryan Leckie
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jasmine baldwin

The Bellissimo business workshop was extremely informative. I do not have a background in the coffee industry but left the workshop feeling equipped to begin my journey towards entrepreneurship. The business plan was a great supplement to the workshop as it provided the framework and information required to kickstart my business funding. I was able to modify and complete my business plan within a few weeks of completing the workshop. My experience with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors has been extremely helpful and will allow me to kick start my business faster than I ever imagined.

Jasmine Baldwin

Bellissimo gave me the confidence in my dream and some concrete steps to take to make my vision a reality. They provided me with a foundation of the business sense that I needed in order to get this off the ground. So, things like a having a business plan and a marketing plan, and organizational tools to help me navigate the unknowns were immensely helpful.

Thanks again for everything that you did for me and yellowbird coffee bar!

John Peterson, Yellowbird Coffee Bar

The Australian coffee culture is very different to that of Americas and as such, researching courses to do locally resulted in either a 2 day, basic course which they considered comprehensive or a 3 year degree with nothing in between. I did the 2 day prior to engaging with ABC but found that it was not enough.

I have had 3 years experience managing Cafes but needed something more for detail on ownership before launching. I wasn't disappointed, the course was thorough and I left with the confidence to jump into Cafe Trreat, which I launched January 5th 2016.

The necessary information in terms of items for consideration when setting up and info on equipment is what I needed. Pure coffee bars in Australia do not come often or in the style they do in the states, so the different perspective has given me an edge not found here often, whilst still meeting our Aussie style.

Rachel Reilly, Cafe Trreat

Our concept is a marriage of everything we are passionate about- coffee, food, and wine. We often get asked how we came up with the name Press. It was easy- Coffee French Press, Panini Press, Wine Press, and my job working in TV broadcasting, Media Press. Less than a year later, we expanded our company with Press Coffee Roasters by freshly roasting our own coffee beans daily.

I attended ABC in August of 2008 with intention of truly understanding coffee, the business aspect and of course the education and understanding of being a “true” barista. I wasn’t clear as to what I would take away from ABC, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did. There were still days after a few years where I’d still reference the books they gave me or the notes I took. ABC has and will always earn my respect for what they do professionally and personally. I still see Matt and Bruce at trade shows and they always make it a point to say hello, this truly is a long term relationship going forward. As an individual in the industry, I would recommend ABC indefinitely.

Steve Kraus, Press Coffee

I attended ABCs in May 2010. The ABC Workshop has helped in so many ways, including:
i) Understanding the importance of a good business plan - The Cupertino Economic Development Manager was so impressed with my business plan and concept presentation that she told many people that the business plan was the best one they had ever seen! The business plan, which was written with [Bellissimo]'s help, was integral to my business' success.
ii) Learning all about espresso and coffee - at the school, I learned the basics of espresso and coffee preparation. I remember very clearly the exercise we went through before we started the session on "The Perfect Shot".....I had a eureka moment when I tasted the espresso that was pulled perfectly, "so, that's what espresso is supposed to taste like!" With a ton of hands-on practice time at the school, I was able to gain enough confidence to prepare espresso drinks on my own. And to think that I had ZERO coffee experience when I stepped into the ABC Workshop. Now, at my own shop, my staff knows that I am the one who can dial in great shots.
iii) Having the opportunity to work with so many pieces of great equipment at the school - the school allowed me to try out the various makes and models of espresso machines, and helped me decide very early on in my planning process as to which machines I was going to purchase. Seriously, where else can you work on 10+ different types of espresso machines in one sitting?
iv) Getting all the tips from the pros (Bruce, Matt and company) on what to focus on:
- need to set myself apart from the chain stores....I think I have done very well in this area as my store has a truly unique feel and ambience. It's a HUGE differentiating factor for us, and is what draws customers in.

Janice Chua, Bitter + Sweet

Our company at the time, Walden’s Coffeehouse, proved a wonderful spot to begin to introduce specialty coffee á la Portland/Seattle/etc. to our community. The ABC Workshop introduced us to the graceful “dance of the barista”, instructing us in careful technique and instilling in us a proper understanding of the various aspects of working in the coffee industry. The ABC Workshop gave us all the necessary tools to craft tasty coffee beverages in a traditional manner, while still promoting the artisanal, progressive edge inherent in the emerging “third wave” coffee culture. We’ve since built up our own small craft coffee company in Reno: The Hub Coffee Co. Since first opening in June 2009, throwing open our tiny roll-up garage door at 32 Cheney St., just south of downtown Reno, The Hub has become a friendly, inviting community gathering place complete with (what else?) tasty traditional espresso drinks and coffee. As of Fall 2011, we’ve begun roasting our own coffee here in Reno. Out of yet another small garage space not far from Hub One, we roast specialty grade coffees for our café locations, as well as a number of small accounts throughout town.

Were it not for the ABC Workshop providing us with our training wheels and a loving push in the right direction, we might never have made it to the top of the big hill! Thanks Bellissimo!

Mark and Joey Trujillo, The Hub Coffee Co.

The 5-day business start up class exceeded my expectations in every way. I came to class wanting to round out my knowledge of coffee and general business practices, and I left with a greater passion for the industry and the confidence to turn a business concept into a reality. While the materials were exceptional, what made the instructors so effective was their ability and willingness to discuss their more than 50 years combined experience in restaurant/coffee shop start up and management, as well as extensive travels abroad.

Keira M, TX

Absolutely a great experience. I didn't really know what to expect from the class, I was nervous in the beginning because I thought it would be too intensive for me. I didn't know much about coffee, except that I love to visit coffee shops and would someday open one of my own in the future. I met amazing people and the instructors were great! They were very supportive and friendly and in each class I felt productive. By the end of the class I had so many ideas. I'd built my confidence in great coffee-making and have new appreciation for the values its based upon.

Maria E, Okinawa, Japan

Attending the American Barista & Coffee Workshop was a whole new experience for me. I had no idea there was so much to learn about coffee. By the end of the week I truly felt I could go back and speak intelligently to my coffee partners and be instrumental in training and helping my employees.

Beverly J, OR

Build the workshop into your opening budget and just do it. The money you spend on the class will end up in your pocket if you take the instructors' advice and open your business.

Jim C, CA

My wife and I drove up from outside New Orleans to attend this class! I am very glad we did! I would have lost so much money in bad business decisions that Matt and Tom made me aware of!! It is definitely worth the money!

David B, LA

We traveled all the way from Cape Town, South Africa to Portland, Oregon to attend their course after discovering them on the Internet. The ABC workshops rank as one of the best value for money courses I have yet attended. I was extremely impressed by the passion and breadth and depth of knowledge these guys have of their subject. You will take years and spend a lot more on “school fees” than taking some time out and making a small investment in your knowledge by standing on the shoulders of these “giants” and their decades of hands on experience.

Phil & Joshua G, Constantia, South Africa

For those looking to enter the world of specialty coffee, the Business & Barista + Introduction to Coffee Roasting 6-Day Workshop is a rite of passage! It is as though you go from "zero to sixty" in terms of coffee knowledge, appreciation and competency in one week. Not only does this course impart valuable information and skills, it welcomes you into a coffee family. This class is a must for any beverage professional.

Eileen M, NY

Wow! Who knew there was so much to know about coffee? Coming in as a green bean, not really knowing much about coffee, I was blown away by the vastness that is the coffee industry. I learned so much. I now consider myself a light-medium roast bean, and I look forward to continuing my education on coffee and becoming…a French roast! The American Barista & Coffee Workshops gives you a vast amount of information, imparted by highly skilled instructors, accompanied by a sense of professionalism and completeness.

Petra B, CA

Corporate Clients

We discovered [the] ABC Workshop on-line while researching experts in the art of espresso creation. Jared, Matt and Bruce were fantastic in creating a customized educational program that allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of consumer consumption patterns and the science behind the art of espresso. Jared and Matt have extensive backgrounds in espresso and delivered targeted and specific training that blended the practical art of espresso with the consumer consumption trends. The ABC Workshop staff, combined with the professional training center and their contacts within the coffee industry enables the school to provide a detailed, quality training program at an efficient cost. Thanks to Bruce and his staff, ABC Workshop will be a major part of our product training.

Mike Fretwell, Mr. Coffee & Jarden Consumer Solutions

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company had a very positive experience with the America Barista and Coffee Workshop. We invited two of their instructors to attend a national sales meeting to train our foodservice sales force. They were very well prepared and brought invaluable expertise to the team. We now feel that we are better equipped to work within the field of specialty coffee to meet the needs of our customers. I would definitely recommend ABC Workshop to any individual or group hoping to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the specialty coffee industry.

Chris Eklem, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

As a manufacturer's representative, I was relatively inexperienced at creating coffee drinks. I had no confidence to step up to the espresso machine and show a customer the benefits of making a mocha using our products. Now, I have complete knowledge and the confidence to discuss and demonstrate all aspects of drink creation and business applications using our products in their cafes. It is very evident that Matt and Bruce have very deep ties within the coffee industry. Their expertise and passion showed through in all aspects of the training I received. I will recommend this course to all the coffee industry people I contact.

Brian Beardsley, Ghiradelli Chocolate Company

I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful the ABC Workshop training class was that I attended. I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and most importantly, learning from you. You guys are great! I came back with so much more than the skill to make a good espresso (and latte art, too, of course!). In all seriousness, I loved interacting with everyone in class and learning about their individual situations. I also loved learning about the coffee industry in general. So much of what I learned I can apply to my job! (Not to mention to my real espresso experience!) If you ever need any recommendations or testimonials, let me know — I have already started spreading the word! I look forward to seeing you again soon. Until then, take care and once again, thank you!

Silvia Cheskes, Torani Syrups

Attending [the] ABC Workshop is really a great way to learn about coffee using all of your senses. The class taught me how much more I could expect from a coffee beverage and to not settle for “just coffee.” The ABC Workshop shares with its students a world of knowledge and the experience is priceless. The hands-on training is fantastic. I had an amazing time and really learned so much. I couldn't believe how much I didn't know. I think the class is just superb and I have been recommending it to a lot of people, telling them it is crucial they attend. Thank you for enlightening me and enhancing my love of coffee.

Heather Haugh, Cappuccine

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Are you ready to open a coffee shop? We'll send you our ebook along with 5 of our best pieces of advice to help you prepare.