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Barista Training - 2 Day Barista Basics Workshop

Small group, hands-on training taught by coffee experts who run their own successful cafes and roasting companies. We teach from experience!  

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Upcoming Dates

Mar. 18-19, 2020

Apr. 8-9, 2020


May 20-21, 2020

June 15-16, 2020

July 20-24, 2020

Due to COVID-19, all Bellissimo workshops are temporarily suspended. Contact us to be notified about when workshops will resume. 


2-Day Barista Basics training. Learn everything from a-z to make the best coffee possible. 

Total Cost: $1,249

Designed exclusively for: 

Coffee Shop Business Owners, Aspiring Baristas Novice & Intermediate, Managers, Trainers

Essential for all coffee professionals, new or established.

Our clients have a true passion and dedication for succeeding in specialty coffee retail. They understand the importance of investing in education as a means of improving their odds of success in the coffee industry. 

Barista Basics

Day 1 (Wednesday)


  • Coffee Cupping Intro & Tasting – understand the differences in coffees from different regions
  • Palate formation
  • Lecture on how to use an espresso machine
  • Lecture on espresso preparation and dialing in espresso grind
  • Espresso grinding, dosing, and tamping techniques
  • Differences between the most common drinks: Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas, & Macchiatos, oh my! 
  • Espresso Recipes. Dosage, Timing, and Weight = Proper Extraction
  • Pull your first espresso shots ! 

Day 2 (Thursday)


  • Espresso Bar Set Up
  • Milk Steaming, Texture, and Pour Techniques
  • Customer Service – How to answer the most common questions you’ll hear (correctly)
  • Espresso troubleshooting
  • Equipment cleaning, daily maintenance and care
  • Cold Brew
  • Teas
  • Pour over Coffee, French Press, and Batch Brewing
  • Plenty of time for practice on over 8 different espresso machines! 

Advanced Barista 

Day 3 (Friday)


  • Espresso Extraction Recap
  • Syrups and sauces, coffee recipes
  • Group Dial In
  • Pouring Advanced Designs
  • Steaming Alternative Milks
  • Signature Drinks Workshop
  • Cleaning & Upkeep
  • This is the day when you really get to put your knowledge to the test, make as many cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos as you need to really learn how to become the best barista possible. 

for 3 day experience, you must have each “2 Day Barista” (top of page) and “1 day Advanced Barista” in cart at checkout. 

Our entire business model is based around helping people succeed in the specialty coffee industry. We exist entirely to be helpful, and be there for people who need our expertise. 

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Cost of Workshop includes daily breakfast and lunch, a binder with workshop materials, and a USB drive packed with resources.

Additional discounts may apply for groups of 2 or more. Call (503) 232-2222 or email for inquiries. 

All attendees receive special discounts on Bellissimo educational books and DVDs and discounts on lodging at nearby 4 star hotels.

In addition, attendees receive exclusive access to Bellissimo Coffee Advisors Consulting Services.

Please review our Terms of Agreement before registering.

Located in the center of

The best coffee city in America

Portland, Or
(503) 232-2222

In a 2,000 square foot Espresso Lab. 

With 9 different espresso machines.

1-on-1 attention by professional barista trainers. 

barista training portland

Recent Customer Reviews

"Bellissimo gave me the confidence in my dream and some concrete steps to take to make my vision a reality. They provided me with a foundation of the business sense that I needed in order to get this off the ground."
"I do not have a background in the coffee industry but I left the workshop feeling equipped to begin my journey towards entrepreneurship. My experience has been extremely helpful and will allow me to kick start my business faster than I ever imagined."
jasmine baldwin
Jasmine Baldwin
South Florida, USA
"Not only super knowledgeable and experienced, the love for what they do and the people they serve is evident. My instructors didn’t just share their knowledge, they shared their passion and inspired us, the students, to understand and embrace that same passion."
Danny Tippit
Dry Bones Mud House
Indianapolis IN

Opening a Coffee Business? 

We highly recommend taking our 5-day bundle. 2 days of Coffee Business Training + 3 days of Barista and Advanced Barista skills. 

 5-day workshops for discounted price of $3,100!

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