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Coffee Roasting Class - 1 Day Workshop

Small group, hands-on training taught by coffee roasting experts with one of the top coffee selling roasteries in the Northwest. We teach from experience!  

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APR 11, 2020

May 23, 2020

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Due to COVID-19, all Bellissimo workshops are temporarily suspended. Contact us to be notified about when workshops will resume. 


1 Day Coffee Roasting Class 

Total Cost: $500

Saturdays Only

Includes instruction, theory, and hands-on training to learn to be a successful and operational coffee roaster. Both commercially and as a hobby. 

Portland, OR


  • Coffee Origin and Green Bean Purchasing Lesson
  • The Coffee Seed: History, Agronomy, Processing and Transportation
  • Roasting Science: The Roast Curve and Chemical Reactions in Roasting
  • Roast Profile Cupping
  • Roasting Equipment: Roaster Mechanics, Roaster Types, Roaster Safety
  • Roast! Walk through of an actual roasting process
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Roasting Lab practicum subjects include: Introduction to Roaster Types (air, drum) and sizes for your cafe or business, how roasters work, how they toast the coffee seed, history of roasting, how to select green coffee and how to get it delivered, either through importers or direct. Hands-on roasting on a sample roaster and full size production (18kilo) roasting workshop, roasting three different roast-levels. 

This thorough, in-depth workshop features lectures on the coffee roasting process: green coffee production, sourcing and purchasing, roasting, roast profiling, cupping, and brewing methods.  This class is geared toward prospective or current coffee business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals with the passion and desire to learn a skill set focused on producing high quality, specialty roasted coffee.  In one day you will learn:

  • Learn about the coffee supply chain from crop to cup
  • Become proficient in the cupping process, including evaluation and calibration
  • Learn about roasting equipment and function, and will learn how to operate commercial coffee roasters
  • Become proficient in roast logging
  • Understand the chemical reactions and various phases of the roasting process
  • Learn about green coffee buying and how green coffee is traded
  • Understand roastery operations and systems

Coffee Origin Cupping:

An Introductory cupping based on four different origins, highlighting how we talk and think about coffee from around the globe.

The Coffee Seed: History, Agronomy, Processing and Transportation

An examination of the coffee plant and its many variations, the determinates of growing coffee, milling practices, and a brief look at how coffee is transported.

Roasting Science: The Roast Curve and Chemical Reactions in Roasting

A breakdown of how we as roasters manipulate time and temperature. An overview of some of the chemical reactions behind these decisions: dry distillation, maillard reactions, caramelization,  and their by-products.

Roast Profile Cupping:

A cupping of four different roast profiles that expands on our discussion of roasting profiles, and provides a greater understanding of the role roast plays in the final product.

Roasting Equipment: Roaster Mechanics, Roaster Types, Roaster Safety

A look at the basic anatomy of a roaster, fluid dynamics and heat transfer, the pros vs. cons of different type and make roasters, and how to protect ourselves against and react to roaster fires/hazards.

With the roaster’s guidance, using the tools we’ve learned, we’ll walk through a production batch together.

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Our entire business model is based around helping people succeed in the specialty coffee industry. We exist entirely to be helpful, and be there for people who need our expertise. 

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For those looking to enter the world of specialty coffee, the Business & Barista + Introduction to Coffee Roasting 6-Day Workshop is a rite of passage! It is as though you go from "zero to sixty" in terms of coffee knowledge, appreciation and competency in one week. Not only does this course impart valuable information and skills, it welcomes you into a coffee family. This class is a must for any beverage professional.

-Eileen M | Las Vegas, NV

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