Learn how to open a coffee shop

We’ll teach you how to run a coffee shop and make cafe quality drinks even if you’ve never seen an espresso machine before.

Why come to our workshops?

You’ll be able to get started immediately

Live and breathe everything it takes to run a coffee shop for three intense days, not months, and you’ll leave our workshops ready to hit the ground running.


You’ll be the cornerstone of your business

Don’t depend on someone else to do the important stuff. Learn how to be the deciding factor in your business’s success.

barista workshop

You’ll be learning from real coffee shop owners

We own and operate Water Avenue Coffee, one of the premier coffee roasteries in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the thousands of shops we’ve helped open, we navigate the coffee industry right alongside you.

You don’t need any prior experience

Seriously. Most of the people who come to our workshop have never brewed anything but a regular cup of coffee before. We will turn you into a coffee professional.

barista training portland

Three great options

Workshop Bundle [Recommended]

Enjoy the complete package: both our coffee business workshop and barista workshop. You’ll get our entire curriculum designed to get you ready to open a successful coffee shop quickly. Emerge not only knowing how to manage the business operations of your coffee shop but also with the ability to make the best coffee around.

Get tips on design, profitability, growth, and management that you can use right away

Cut right to the chase with actionable business advice

Access to dozens of resources to continue your education and implement systems in your shop

Comprehensive bar training for opening a coffee shop

Try out a variety of equipment before you buy anything

Scout out some of the best independent coffee shop in the country

The chance to ask questions to our whole team

[Virtual] Bellissimo Workshop

The advice and answers that only industry veterans can provide. Each member of our team will give a talk on their area of expertise and answer any possible question you have about opening your coffee business.

Live small group advice with Q&A

Gain the perspective of years in the coffee industry

Actionable tips to get your business open and profitable faster

Barista Workshop

Join us in Portland, OR for 2 intense days of barista training. Our workshop is designed to help you open your coffee shop without spending months working for someone else to learn the ropes.

One-on-one help from seasoned trainers

Comprehensive bar training for opening a coffee shop

Try out a variety of equipment before you buy anything

Get business training at your own pace

Online Bellissimo Startup Course

The most complete resource we can provide covering everything you need to open a coffee shop from the business side. We start from absolute zero with finding your concept and progress through to planning for growth and expansion. If you’ve never owned a business before or want to know more specifics about running coffee business, this is for you.

The A-to-Z resource for learning what it takes to open a coffee shop

No prior business experience required

Actionable tips to get your business open and profitable faster

Or train your whole team with us

Online Barista Training

Your relationship with us doesn’t have to stop with our workshops. You can get your entire team access to our curriculum all online. Our platform will teach the fundamentals so you can spend time refining you and your employees’ skills until you’ve built the perfect team.

Accessible anywhere and at any time

Equipment agnostic, practice on whatever you like

Get certified on the same program used by thousands

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