Barista Skills Workshop

We’ll take you from complete novice to making cafe quality drinks

No experience needed. We’ve helped hundreds of people learn to make coffee professionally and start their own businesses.


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What our attendees have to say

What you’ll walk away with

How to taste coffee and serve quality drinks

We put a special focus on making sure you’re not just going through the motions. By helping you understand how to taste coffee, you’ll have the tools to continue improving your coffee brewing long after you leave us.

How to use and maintain an espresso machine

One of the largest investments you’ll have to make when opening a coffee shop is your espresso machine, so you better know what you’re doing. Our trainers also have technician experience so you don’t just learn how to use an espresso machine, but also how to keep your investment working for many long years.

How to steam milk and create beautiful lattes

Of course, espresso is only half the battle. We’ll also walk you through the finicky process of learning to steam and pour milk. You’ll even practice latte art.

All your coffee questions answered personally by our expert team

Above all else, we’re here to give you one-on-one attention and make you confident about opening a coffee business.

What to Expect

Coffee Introduction

Day 2 starts by examining the theory behind brewing coffee and various techniques we’ll use throughout the next modules.

Coffee Cupping

We’ll make sure everyone is energized for the day with a cupping to start developing our palettes.

Equipment Overview

Our trainers will walk you through essential coffee shop equipment as well as various brands and options, and how everything works. 


We’ll feed you!

Espresso, Step by Step

Let’s get pulling! Learn how to pull a great shot of espresso and how to adjust things when your shot doesn’t taste so great.

Espresso Practice

You’ll have ample time to practice pulling and tasting espresso with the expert guidance of our trainers. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

End the day with an overview of espresso machine cleaning and maintenance. A well kept machine can last a decade or more, but a poorly kept machine will cost you thousands. 

Steaming Milk

Time to learn how to create smooth milk with just the right amount of foam. 

Latte Art Essentials

Apply your milk knowledge and start drawing latte art. You’ll walk away with the basics down and practice exercises to develop even more.

Espresso and Milk Practice

More time to practice, but now you’ll be making complete drinks. We’ll practice getting faster while maintaining quality.


We’ll feed you!

Batch and Manual Brewing Basics

Our trainers will cover how efficiently batch brew coffee and how to use some of the more popular manual brewing methods you may want to offer.

Cold Brew, Teas, and Other Coffee Shop Drink Options

We’ll talk about some of the other drinks you may want to put on your menu. How to make them or source them, how to store them, and how to serve them. 

Final Questions and Presentation of Certificates

Our last big Q&A session to cover anything we went over for the entire workshop. As we wrap up, we’ll hand out certificates to all attendees stating that you completed the American Barista and Coffee Workshops.

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