A Coffee Shop Operations Manual

The Secret No One Tells You About Running A Successful Coffee Shop

The single most important part of a customer’s experience with your coffee shop is consistency. Customers rate an inconsistent coffee shop worse than a consistently mediocre coffee shop every single time. So why would you leave your shop’s consistency up for any kind of interpretation? An Operations Manual lays out all the procedures and recipes you need to keep your shop running smoothly at all times.


Consistency Bundle

Consistency is one of the most valuable things you can bring to your employees, customers, yourself. Preempt legal trouble, set clear expectations, and motivate customers to keep coming back. Your employee handbook and operations manual are the rocks you build a healthy and less stressful coffee shop experience on. This bundle includes: 

Employee Handbook Template
Operations Manual Template

$848 $636

What is an operations manual?

Once an employee reviews your Employee Handbook and signs it, your immediate next step should be to trade the handbook for your Operations Manual. Your Operations Manual should contain everything that an employee needs to know to do their job including recipes, specific technique guidelines, customer service expectations, cleaning expectations, and anything else that employee will need to know day-to-day.

Why you need an operations manual

The best barista trainer

We all like to think our training is great, but we’re only human. We can make mistakes in our explanations or simply not be clear enough. With an Operations Manual, employees always have a trainer to go back to who will explain everything exactly the same way every time. Zero guesswork, just consistency. 

Eliminate frustrating conversations

Everyone hates having to be constantly reminded. Managers get frustrated, and employees get annoyed. It builds unnecessary tension among teams. Having an Operations Manual that lays everything out immediately can completely cut out these frustrating conversations.

Stop bad reviews

Bad reviews come from a mismatch of expectations and experience. By offering the exact same experience to customers every time, you ensure that expectations are consistently met. If a customer is ever unsatisfied, you know exactly what to change to correct the problem for the future.

Take pressure off yourself

As a coffee shop owner, you will have a lot going on. So much that it’s easy to forget things. But your shop can’t afford that. With an Operations Manual, you don’t have to remember everything. It’s all there, written down for anyone to review. All tasks become a team responsibility, and you can free up your mind to focus on what only you can do: run the business.

What You’ll Find Inside

Efficiency and Workflow

Objectives and Tips
Practice Drills

Customer Service Procedures

Keys to Good Customer Service
Service Recovery
The Barista

Menu Guidelines

Espresso and Coffee Beverages
Iced Drinks
Non-Coffee Beverages
Milk Steaming

Cleaning Protocol

Required Tools
Back Flushing
Steam Wands
Counter Tops and Surfaces

Managing Shrinkage and Spoilage

Understanding Shrinkage
Tips to Avoid


Opening Tasks Example 1
Opening Tasks Example 2
Closing Tasks

Essential Documents Bundle

You may not realize it now, but one of the keys to a successful coffee business is writing things down. This bundle gets you the three most important documents for opening and running your business. Clear up your concept, avoid legal battles, and ensure a great customer experience. You’ll get: 

Presentation Business Plan Template
Employee Handbook Template
Operations Manual Template

$1347 $869

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