Custom Consulting for Coffee Shops

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What we can help you with

Bellissimo Coffee Advisors got its start consulting. We’ve helped people open coffee shops for over 30 years, and we’re here to help you too.

Concept Development and Startup Planning

We’re ready to work with you from step one to help refine and plan your business. We have helped everyone from serial entrepreneurs opening multiple locations at once to mom and pop duos opening a small coffee cart. Come to us when you want to make sure to avoid any pitfalls in the coffee industry.

Store Evaluation and Optimization

This is the perfect service for when you need to review your business and format a plan for increased profitability and productivity.  We will customize our service to fit your concerns, which may be some of the following: 

  • Menu
  • Pricing
  • Monthly sales
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Labor and Employee Scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Purchases and Ordering Systems
  • Rent Factor
  • Hard Expenses
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Promotions
  • Sales Growth

In-Depth Equipment Recommendations

Our trainers and technicians are ready to provide you with cutting edge equipment recommendations tailored to your coffee shop. We are also often able to secure discounts for our clients.

Professional Barista Training

Are you looking to increase the skills or your baristas and management team? We can arrange custom sessions in our lab or on-site training to work with your staff on the technical skills needed to produce high-quality espresso beverages.

Marketing and Social Media Planning

We’ll help you create a plan and style guide unique to your shop that will take the guesswork out of growth. Gain new customers and retain your regulars.

Virtual Strategy and Training Sessions

Meet with your company’s executive and planning committees to develop new strategies or refine old ones.

What our business partners can help you with

We may know the ins and outs of opening coffee shops, but there’s certainly more to all this than just getting your shop set up. Let us leverage our professional network to get you the best help around.

Securing a Business Loan

Our consulting can help prepare you, but we aren’t a financial institution. Fortunately we can point you in the right direction.

Forming a Legal Business Entity

It’s crucial to do things right from the legal side when opening a business. We may not be legal professionals, but we know and trust several who help coffee shop owners.

Evaluating your HR Policies

Over the years we have worked with several amazing HR consultants who specialize in businesses small and large, and can make sure you’re handling conflict in your team as safely as possible.

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