A Coffee Shop Employee Handbook

The First Time You Need An Employee Handbook, It’s Already Too Late

No coffee shop owner sets out to have problems with employees. When you’re just starting out, an employee handbook can seem unnecessarily formal. But that mindset is setting you up for massive headaches later on. Having an employee handbook from day one is instrumental to building a healthy team in the long run.


Consistency Bundle

Consistency is one of the most valuable things you can bring to your employees, customers, yourself. Preempt legal trouble, set clear expectations, and motivate customers to keep coming back. Your employee handbook and operations manual are the rocks you build a healthy and less stressful coffee shop experience on. This bundle includes: 

Employee Handbook Template
Operations Manual Template

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Why choose our business plan template?

Trusted by Over 300 Coffee Shops

Our template has formed the basis for over 300 coffee shop’s employee handbooks, saving thousands of hours of labor and stress.

Reassurance from Professionals Who Have Made Hundreds of Employee Handbooks

Making good employee handbooks is hard. We used to create them as consultants, and it always took hours upon hours. Now, we offer our template to all coffee shop owners at a fraction of the cost. It includes all the essential sections, so you can be sure nothing is going amiss.

Stay ahead of problems

Setting clear expectations from as early as your first hire means there is no ambiguity about your policies as your team grows. It also ensures you can avoid awkward conversations about things like lateness, phones, or dress code. Once it’s in your handbook, you can always refer back to it.

Avoid legal trouble

Our handbook template can help you develop a crucial tool to settle labor disputes before they spiral out of control. A fully fledged labor lawsuit can sink an entire coffee operation. Don’t let it happen to you.

What You’ll Find Inside


We Support Each Other
Changes in Policy
Employment Applications
Employment Relationship
Team Member Defined
Team Member Status

Standards of Conduct

Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace
Team Member Representation
Substance Abuse
Social Media
Internet and Cell Phone Use

Team Member Communications

Staff Meetings
Updates and Information
Open Door Policy

Employment Policies

Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information
Outside Employment
New Team Member Orientation
Punctuality and Attendance
Employment Termination
And much more

Compensation Policies

Wage and Salary Increases

Benefits and Services

Civic Responsibility
Workplace Accident Coverage
Health Insurance
Team Member Discounts

Essential Documents Bundle

You may not realize it now, but one of the keys to a successful coffee business is writing things down. This bundle gets you the three most important documents for opening and running your business. Clear up your concept, avoid legal battles, and ensure a great customer experience. You’ll get: 

Presentation Business Plan Template
Employee Handbook Template
Operations Manual Template

$1347 $869

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