Cristy Guirola

terra negra trade

Terra Negra Trade Company


Looking back now to when I took the class and seeing what we are doing today, I feel the American Barista & Coffee Workshops were a turning point and an insightful experience in our business idea and dream. What I experienced and learned not only gave me the instruments to be able to open my future coffee shop, but also to look ahead and find new things I could do with what I had in reach.

This experience inspired and motivated me to trust and believe that what you dream can become a reality if you work hard, keep on learning, and most of all: love what you do!

This line of industry makes you fall in love with it everyday that passes, as you immerse yourself in it — meeting new people, talking and learning about what they do and their own experience.

So thank you Bellissimo Coffee Advisors for this amazing experience. For what you do, the passion you have and transmit to others, your amazing support since the beginning of this wonderful journey, but most of all: your beautiful friendship.

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