Andy Pollard

Folklore Coffee

Folklore Coffee

Conrad, MT

In 2013 my wife and I had been living in Eastern Africa for 2 years and were preparing to come back to the states. For months we had been planning and dreaming about starting a coffee shop in one of our hometowns in rural Montana. I had worked in coffee growing up and loved it, and having visited farms in Kenya we got a new appreciation for coffee as an agricultural product. My wife also loves to bake and the idea of a business that plugged us into our community was really exciting.

It didn’t take much research to see that the American Barista and Coffee Workshops in Portland were the place to go to get the latest information, techniques, and connections in the specialty coffee industry. I attended in early 2014 and felt instantly empowered. We had our shop up and running in July of that year. Here we are 3 years later and we have a great presence in our local community as well as the surrounding towns. Small town Montana has been extremely under-served by specialty coffee. We are slowly changing that! Additionally, Folklore Coffee has a growing whole-sale roasting business (including roasting for ABCs Workshops!). We love this industry; the farmers, the customer, and the product.

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