Bean Business Basics | Third Edition


By Ed Arvidson, Bruce Milletto and Victor Bogart

Are you considering opening a specialty coffee business? Do you already own an existing operation? Are you realizing the level of success you had hoped for?

Bean Business Basics is the definitive how-to manual for opening and operating a retail specialty coffee business. The third edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to meet the needs of today’s specialty coffee entrepreneur. Thousands of copies of the first and second editions have been sold since the book’s original publication in 1997.

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Highlights of the new edition include four new chapters and thorough updates of existing material. Financial data contained within the book has been reassessed, making this book a true operational manual.

Bean Business Basics was written by the professionals who have consulted and trained thousands of gourmet coffee bar employees across the country and around the world. Buying this book is like purchasing tens of thousands of dollars of consulting services.

Topics include:

Coffee Trends
Proper Brewing Principles
Basic Espresso Bar Beverages
Selecting the Right Coffee & Roaster
Ordering, Handling and Storing Coffee
Your Financial Resources
Finding a Great Location
Codes, Permits and Red Tape
Negotiating a Lease
Design and Construction of your Coffee Bar
Planning your Coffee Bar Menu
Choosing and Buying Equipment
Operational Systems
Hiring and Managing Employees
Marketing your Coffee Business
Record Keeping
Budget and Cost Controls
How to Achieve Profitability

Bellissimo received an email from a business and economics professor, Kevin Boyd, who is starting his own espresso business:
Thanks so much for writing Bean Business Basics. While I’ve never spent that much for a book before, I’ve never received as much value per dollar spent either. Your book is clear, concise, informative and eye opening. I honestly can’t understand how anyone could even consider entering the specialty coffee business without first reading your manual [although I’ve seen plenty of sad examples of those who have].

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