Driven to Espresso: Drive-Through Coffee Stands in the Northwest


By Ray Weisgerber
Foreword by Bruce Milletto, President and Founder of Bellissimo Coffee Advisors

Driven to Espresso is a wonderful chronicle of a part of the coffee culture with no comparison. Ray Weisgerber’s photos succinctly capture a part of the American landscape that is both common and unique. Artistically and skillfully presented and accurately captures the breadth of style and experimentalism of this delightful part of our culture.

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This is a great gift for anyone who likes this part of the country, not to mention coffee, photography, or architecture.

Espresso stands are truly a phenomenon in the Northwest. There are hundreds and hundreds of them and you see them wherever you go! Ray Weisgerber spent five years studying and photographing them for this book that reveals a fascinating intersection in American culture — the automobile, individual entrepreneurship, and of course, coffee. Book contains:

Insights into the drive-through business and why it has grown explosively in the Northwest
The evolution from sidewalk carts to architecturally significant buildings
Special historical notes about specific stands
City-by-city index

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