Sarina Prabasi & Elias Gurmu

cafe buunni

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Cafe Buunni

New York, NY

Sarina & Elias worked closely with Bellissimo Coffee Advisors in the planning and development stages and assisted in the menu, design and layout, equipment, and other areas to bring Cafe Buunni to fruition. Elias attended the American Barista & Coffee Workshops as well, and we are very excited for them both and wish Cafe Buunni tremendous success.

In Upper Manhattan, New York, the storefront at 213 Pinehurst has emerged from its hiatus to reveal a new specialty coffee shop – Café Buunni. Café Buunni is a coffee, tea, espresso bar, also serving fresh juices, smoothies, packaged Ethiopian foods and baked sweet and savory goodies. Starting off with their Washington Heights based fair trade and organic coffee delivery company, Buunni Coffee, the husband and wife pair is expanding with the opening of their Ethiopia-inspired café. Café Buunni features a variety of eclectic handpicked items that complement its focus on Ethiopian coffees.

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