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Operations Manual Template

Our retail operations manual template is designed specifically for retail coffee businesses. The perfect compliment to our Employee Handbook – simply download, edit, print, and staple to provide a 19 page guide that establishes standards for employees to follow every day. Includes station workflow assignments, new employee training checklists, open and closing shift checklists, standard beverage guidelines, protocols for cleaning, maintaining machinery, customer service expectations and more! 


Consistency Bundle

Consistency is one of the most valuable things you can bring to your employees, customers, yourself. Preempt legal trouble, set clear expectations, and motivate customers to keep coming back. Your employee handbook and operations manual are the rocks you build a healthy and less stressful coffee shop experience on. This bundle includes: 


topics Covered

Training Checklists

Name/Date/Completed By
Managers/Trainers Initial Boxes Upon Completion
Before they work behind the bar Introduction – Day 1 & 2
Review Offerings
Opening Shift w/Trainer
Point of Sale (POS)
Behind the Bar: Days 3-6
Intro to the Equipment
Into to Processes
Coffee Brewing
Tea & Non-Coffee Beverages
Food Preparation
Closing Shift w/Trainer

Shift Checklists

Opening Shift Checklists
Opening Tasks List
Opener End of Shift Tasks
Closing Shift Checklists Closer End of Day Tasks Weekly Cleaning Tasks and Initial Boxes Checklist

Beverage Guide

Espresso and Coffee Beverages
Detailed instructions on how to uniformly make all typical coffee bar beverages, and space for you to add your own custom specialty beverages
Notes on syrups and sauce portions
Iced Drink Preparation
Non Coffee Beverages
Brewed Coffee Guide

Maintaining Machinery Guide

Batch Brewer Cleaning Protocol
Backflushing and Daily Maintaining of Espresso Machine
Espresso Steam Wands

how The Operations Manual Can help

Every customer has the potential to become a regular. It’s vital to have consistency in how things are done. This operations manual will ensure…

  • Drinks are made exactly the same, no matter who is working behind the bar
  • All of your employees receive the same training. No miscommunications.
  • Everyone's day-to-day tasks become clearly outlined and expectations clearly laid out.
  • Employee signature page ensures accountability.

Developed & Templatized by Coffee Shop Professionals

Over the course of 30 years of coffee entrepreneurship, managing over 7 cafes, and starting a coffee and education business, we’ve learned a ton about the importance of having guidelines and policies in which to train your employees to work cohesively and for each to understand exactly what is expected of them, day in and day out.   We own and operate coffee bars of our own, and these are the very same guidelines and principles that we hold our own employees to, and expect them to adhere to.  With a one-time investment, you can save yourself and your management many hours of labor and trouble while simultaneously ensuring that your customers will receive the same drinks each time, regardless of who makes them. Simply purchase, download, and edit as needed. Or don’t, take our guidelines straight as they are and you’re done in 5 minutes. 

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Bruce Milletto
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Matt Milletto

Why this is probably the best investment you can make

Every customer has the possibility to be a lifetime customer that will provide your coffee shop with thousands of dollars over the course of their lives. This is why it is so important to have consistency amongst your employees, and it’s almost impossible to achieve consistency without ground rules and policies to abide by.

By providing a framework for your employees to live by, there will be a set foundation of how they interact with customers, work cohesively as a unit, and understand exactly what is expected of them. This operations manual is intended to ensure that your day to day operations are written down clearly and effectively, so that your employees simply can follow a checklist of “here’s what is expected of me today” – and also, when it comes to drink building, you’ll rest easily at night knowing that there are guidelines that your baristas are expected to follow, so that each drink is made consistently the same, regardless of who made what. Great work structure  is essential to creating a cohesive, happy work environment that your customers WILL notice. Furthermore, if you’ve ever managed a team of people without a structure, you’ll surely understand the headaches that can easily be prevented with this simple, small, one-time investment. We are here to help you – trust us, this operations manual is designed to make your world a million times simpler. You won’t regret it. 

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Others Say


I needed something like this for my small coffee shop. We only have a handful of employees but I knew it was important to be sure they were all held to the same standard, for my customers to be able to expect the same drink every time they came in. 

Jerry Tan
Los Angeles, CA

I didn’t have to think about all of the things I needed to get done! Opening and closing lists, drink standards, AND training manual? You’ve got to be kidding me! Take my money now! 

Max Villanueva
Rochester, NY

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Only $349

  • Give your coffee shop the best chance for success possible. Our coffee shop Operations Manual makes it easy for your employees to know exactly what is expected of them

Essential Documents Bundle

You may not realize it now, but one of the keys to a successful coffee business is writing things down. This bundle gets you the three most important documents for opening and running your business. Clear up your concept, avoid legal battles, and ensure a great customer experience. You’ll get: 


Success Bundle

Food service is a difficult industry to succeed in, and opening a coffee shop is no exception. This bundle is designed to give you all the tools you’ll need to open a healthy and thriving coffee business. You’ll get: 


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