Open your coffee business the right way

We offer customizable templates for your coffee shop to save you a whole lot of legwork and start off strong.

Why use our coffee shop templates

Designed by coffee shop owners, for coffee shop owners

Our downloadable templates are based on the documents we use in our very own coffee businesses, so you’re getting real, working documents that just need your personal touch.

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Speed up your opening

You know what you want for your business, why waste time on simple formatting? Creating these essential documents is daunting, but don’t it doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks. We keep your momentum up.

Make up for lost time

It would be great if we all went into opening a coffee shop 100% prepared, but that’s seldom the case. When you’re in the thick of running a coffee shop but you need the organization these documents bring, we can help you create them in minutes.


Coffee Shop Document Templates

Customizable Coffee Business Plan

It’s time to start that coffee shop you’ve been dreaming about. You have the vision in your mind, and now you need to put it down on paper.

And that’s where most people get stuck. But not you.

Our business plan template is based on years of helping people open their own coffee shops, and it can help you too.

Overcome disorganization

Avoid irrelevant business plans that makes things worse

Show off your dream business confidently

Lifetime access to updates

Customizable Employee Handbook

No coffee shop owner sets out to have problems with employees. When you’re just starting out, an employee handbook can seem unnecessarily formal. But that mindset is setting you up for massive headaches later on. Having an employee handbook from day one is instrumental to building a healthy team in the long run.

Stay ahead of problems with employees

Help avoid possible legal trouble

Trusted by over 300 coffee shops

Lifetime access to updates

Customizable Operations Manual

The single most important part of a customer’s experience with your coffee shop is consistency. Customers rate an inconsistent coffee shop worse than a consistently mediocre coffee shop every single time. So why would you leave your shop’s consistency up for any kind of interpretation? An Operations Manual lays out all the procedures and recipes you need to keep your shop running smoothly at all times.

An all-in-one reference for your staff

The bad review eliminator

Your barista trainer that’s always working

Lifetime access to updates

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