Why Do Coffee Shops Fail?

The coffee industry is an exceptionally rewarding one. Starting a coffee shop of your own is a dream to a lot of people. Who doesn’t like coffee? (No friend of ours, we say!) In this article, we will be discussing the elephant in the room when people think about opening their own coffee shop. They […]

The Importance of an Employee Handbook

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“I used to manage a coffee shop. The owner tasked me with writing an employee handbook that ended up taking weeks of my time and I’m not even confident I did that great of a job. It’s a lot harder than it looks to get right.”  John Mayweather Missoula, Montana In Today’s Post… Each Customer […]

How to Open a Coffee Shop on a Budget

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A version of this article was first published by James Harper on PerfectDailyGrind.com Are you considering opening your own independent coffee shop but have a small budget to work with? Or maybe you’ve just launched and are looking for ways to make every dollar go as far as possible? It can take many months for […]

Investing In Your Baristas, Part II: Retaining Employees


Last time, Matt discussed how to hire and train a great team of baristas in Part I of this series. This time, he covers another side of managing baristas: how to retain them. Compensation What often comes to mind when thinking of why workers remain with a café is monetary compensation. However, there is much […]

Investing In Your Baristas, Part I: Hiring & Training A Great Team


For all of you shop owners and managers out there, it is important to understand the responsibilities of a barista and of finding great employees to work in your operation. Your employees will be making all of your beverages and food items. You must hire people who share the same passion for quality that you […]

Developing Good Employees (Part II)

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Delegating Activities Your goal as a manager should be to delegate as many of the operational functions as possible to your employees. In other words, you want to get out of working in the business, and be working on the business. Following are some examples that will help you understand how to do this. When […]

Developing Good Employees

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How do you develop good employees? There are some basic philosophies about managing employees that you need to understand. The first thing you need to realize is: the strong-arm style of management just doesn’t work! If you declare yourself supreme tyrant, if you are condescending, demanding, unappreciative, and mange by intimidation, we can almost guarantee […]

Interview Questions for the Specialty Coffee Industry

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Turnover in employees in the service industry can be quite high, but the right questions can help you find a good, lasting fit for your team. Whether you’re hiring for a leadership position or entry level, these interview questions will help make the hiring process go smoothly, quickly, and efficiently: Phone Screening Questions Are the […]

So You’re Opening a Coffee Shop…

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Start-Up Timeline and Checklist for a New Retail Coffee Business Starting a new business takes time, careful planning, and budgeting. Just figuring out where to begin can be a daunting task! We’ve put together a rough timeline for those looking to take their first steps in opening your specialty coffee shop: Coffee Workshops and barista […]