Coffee Shop Opening Day

Coffee Business Grand Opening Title

Thinking About Your Coffee Business Grand Opening It’s the day you’ve been planning for months, maybe years. A day of definite mixed emotions: excitement but also (likely) fear of knowing this is the beginning of something really big for you and your business. Your project is no longer in the dreaming and planning stages; it’s […]

Choosing Coffee Beans for Your Cafe

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How to Find the Right Coffee Bean Wholesaler When you start with better beans, you’re one step closer to serving the best coffee around. What’s a specialty coffee business without genuine, quality coffee? Choosing your coffee is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your journey towards opening a coffee business. Knowing this, […]

Coffee Shop Goals

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How to Set Your Goals in Coffee Attainable and measurable goals are everything both in life and business: without them you can’t truly track your progress or success. A lot of people’s goal going into business is to make money and, yes, that’s fair enough. But the best way to actually achieve this kind of […]

Visual Merchandising in Coffee Shops

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What is visual merchandising? Visual merchandising is constantly being aware of how your store and displays affect sales. Let’s think of this concept compared to advertising. Advertising is what you do outside of your business to attract customers. Once these customers are in your shop, this is where merchandising comes into play; it’s the metaphorical […]

Best Location for a Coffee Shop

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How to Find the Best Location for a Coffee Shop Location is imperative in the specialty coffee business. More often than not, people don’t like to travel very far to get their coffee fix. This means that if you’re trying to find the best location for your coffee business, you’ve got a lot of things […]

Coffee Shop Profitability

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10 Steps to Coffee Shop Profit The biggest hurdle for any new shop: How to make money in coffee Once your coffee business is up and running, making a profit doesn’t happen on its own. Yes, your product should be able to speak for itself, but is your potential income fully under your control? To […]

Negotiate a Coffee Business Lease

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How to Negotiate a Commercial Lease As with any business, a good location is key to its success. Especially in the early phases of opening your business, there are bound to be busier days than others, both highs and lows. If your rent is too high, what does that mean for your stress levels when […]

Coffee Roasting Introduction

How to Roast Coffee Beans Your Guide to Roasting and Blending Coffee Both very important phases of gourmet coffee production, roasting and blending, start with high quality coffee beans. It may seem obvious, but without a quality bean, it is unlikely you’ll create a quality coffee beverage. Both single origin roasts and blends can be […]

Coffee Cupping How To

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How to Cup Coffee (and why it matters) Coffee cupping is the systematic process of tasting coffee in order to determine its unique characteristics and quality level. It is primarily used by those making decisions about which green coffee beans to purchase, but it can also be a learning tool for baristas or a fun […]

Why Just Having an Employee Handbook Won’t Cut It in 2019

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The Short Answer: Employee Training and Development Say you’re about to open a coffee shop or maybe even just opened. It’s a busy time and you’re making sure everything is just right. One of the biggest mistakes that new coffee shop owners make is taking employee development for granted. Everyone talks about employee handbooks (which are […]